At this time, Andwa Consulting is a team of 1

Rhonda Scheurer

Rhonda has been in Information Technology since 1991, holding a Computer Systems Technology Diploma from Red Deer College.

Rhonda is a software "Jane of all trades" with a broad skill set encompassing project management, analysis, development, maintenance and ongoing management. She is also very skilled at business process engineering, which ties in nicely with software, since software should (in a perfect world) facilitate effective business processes. Rhonda prefers projects which give her the opportunity to participate in a variety of capacities, utilizing her broad knowledge and skill-base, rather than projects which hold her firmly into one role.

Rhonda is the President and primary consultant in Andwa Consulting. She is the main contact for the business and does all of the project management, requirements gathering, and quality assurance on every project. She does much of the technical work as well, and calls on other team members, partners, and external resources for help, as needed, for graphic design, technical architecture, and programming to ensure the best quality at the best price for her clients.

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